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Membership in the Ponchatoula Kiwanis Club 

How do I join the Ponchatoula Kiwanis?
Anyone interested in joining and becoming an ACTIVE member of the Ponchatoula Kiwanis, please contact a current member for nomination or email ponchykiwanis@gmail.com for more information. Kiwanis membership is open to anyone 18 years and older with the capacity to care.

What is expected of me if I join this Kiwanis club? 
Attend as many of the Wednesday noon meetings as possible. There are no minimum attendance requirements, and family and your job come first, but attending meetings is important. Get involved with some of the community service and fundraising projects. You pick and choose those that you have the time and desire to get involved in. You will be asked to serve on committees and may even be asked to take a leadership role in the club sometime in the future. Kiwanis is a dues based organization.

What do I get out of being a member of the Kiwanis club? 
There are several important benefits.
* First, you are going to make new friends - friends that will last a lifetime.

*Second, you are going to have fun.

*Third, you are going to experience good fellowship.

*Fourth, you are going to be a better-informed citizen thanks to great information shared by guest speakers.

*Fifth, if you operate in the business world, you are going to have the opportunity to do some networking. You should not join Kiwanis just for that reason, but it does happen. Kiwanians like to do business with their fellow Kiwanians.

*Sixth,the most important thing you will get out of your membership is the opportunity to support the children in your community. That really makes it all worthwhile.

Next Steps:

  1. Visit us at a weekly meeting:  Wednesdays at noon at the Kiwanis Log Cabin.  
  2. Email and let us know of your interest.  

Updated October 6, 2022


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